Building Action Plans that Work

This workshop can be delivered as 2 half days or one whole day, held one month following the Strategic Plan Workshops.

It is highly recommended that participants undertake the Strategic Plan Workshop before this Action Plan workshop.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Understand the content, purposes, uses and relationships between:
    • Action / Corporate / Management / Implementation Plans
    • Strategic Plans
    • Business Plans
  2. Understand the roles of Board and Management in relation to each of the above.
  3. Assist each participant commence a Draft Action Plan for later completion and use in their workplace.

Workshop Process

Guided development of an Action Plan, based on the Draft Strategic Plan developed in the earlier Strategic Plan Development Workshop.

Pre workshop
In preparation for the development of the Action Plan, undertake preliminary workplace consultation required to fill information gaps to bridge from the Strategic Plan developed in the former workshop.

Review of Draft Strategic Plans
Small and large group discussion of issues arising during the writing of the Draft Strategic Plan.

The facilitator will assist the group deal with any problems encountered and provide support in finalising plans.

Review the Relationship between Strategic Plan and Action Plan
Participants knowledge of the relationship will be prompted by large group recall of the last workshop's discussion on the relationships between the various plans.

Guidance in Writing of Action Plans
Each participant will work on their Action Plan with the Facilitator providing large group input as well as facilitating peer review and input. It is likely that participants will take away an Action Plan with at least one priority task area well on the way to completion, with other action areas less fully completed.

A step by step process will take participants through setting up of their own Action Plan using:

  • Action Areas following on from their Strategic Plan Directions and Goals
  • Objectives to be achieved in each action area
  • Action Statements expressed in behaviours
  • Timelines for each action
  • Resources required to fulfil the actions (people, facilities, processes, time money)
  • Key Performance Indicators for management of and reporting on progress
  • Reporting and Monitoring mechanisms and dates
  • Accountability Responsibilities allocated to specific people
  • Completion of Action Plans

The detailed view

Ongoing Support

Meeting Success is available on an hourly paid basis to mentor individuals in completion of their plans. This could be in their own workplaces or in additional working groups convened by arrangement between a group of participants.