Strategic Planning Workshops

Creating Strategic Plans that Work

A workshop offered in one full day or two half days.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Understand the content, purposes, uses and relationships between
    • Strategic Plans
    • Business Plans and
    • Action / Corporate / Management / Implementation Plans
  2. Understand the roles of Board and Management in relation to each
  3. Take away a draft Strategic Plan for later completion
  4. Review the Strategic Plan to prepare for development of a workplace Action Plan.

Workshop Target Participants

Chief Executives, Middle Managers and Board Members

Workshop Outline

Pre course work
Participants will use templates provided to them before the workshop to gather information required for the ‘in-workshop’ development of a Draft Strategic Plan.

Introduction to Plans

  • What are Strategic, Business, Corporate and Action Plans?
  • Who owns each and what are the roles and responsibility of board and management?
  • What is the structure and purpose of each and how do they relate to each other and their audience?

Development of a Draft Strategic Plan
using provided templates and drawing on participant and facilitator examples.

Vision and Mission Statements
Role, structure and purpose - use of examples

Client Group, Stakeholders, Strategic Partners
Characteristics and identification of each

Plan Context
Organisational Environment and Issues

Organisational Values
Make clear the underlying values driving the organisation and its purpose

Directions and Goals
Identify 1, 2 and 3 year directions and goals

Strategies to get there
Actions required to achieve the strategic directions

Key Performance Indicators
Choosing KPI.s that are useful to management, board and funders.

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