What is a Strategic Action Plan

A Strategic Plan describes an organisation, its key relationships, its purpose and its directions for the foreseeable future (usually three years).

It is a map for the organisation, guiding Board and Management towards the agreed goals.

The Meeting Success Strategic Action PlanTM includes a one-page Strategic Plan and an Action Plan.

A one-page Strategic Plan is made up of:

  • Context Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Values and Principles
  • Focus Community
  • Strategic Partners
  • Stakeholders
  • Strategic Goals
  • Strategic Directions
  • The Board develops the Strategic Plan
    It monitors outcomes using Strategies, Objectives and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Staff and stakeholder consultations help create a powerful Strategic Plan.
  • Strategic Plans are living documents regularly referred to and monitored by the Board.
  • Strategic Plans are usually made public and are important in marketing the organisation.

See Steps to Writing a Strategic Action Plan.

The Action Plan

The action plan is sometimes called the Corporate Plan or Implementation Plan.

It lays out a project management process to achieve the Strategic Directions set by the board.

The Action Plan takes the Strategic Directions and expands them into:

  • Implementation Strategies
  • Objectives (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Tasks
  • Responsibilities
  • Timelines
  • Resources
  • Monitoring mechanisms

Management and staff develop the Action Plan, implement and monitor it and report to the Board using objectives and key performance indicators contained in the plan.

The Action Plan should be regularly referred to and updated.
It is a tool to keep you in control of your organisation, enabling you to maintain your focus and direction and assisting you to take account of developments in and around your organisation or business.

Action Plans are for internal use and are not usually publicly accessible.

Our Web based Strategic Action PlanTM makes this so easy.

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